What's Happening in Tazewell County

Tazewell- The Tazewell County Board of Supervisors announced the near completion of their onsite wastewater treatment project at Cavitt's Creek Park. The project was performed as a coordinated effort with EPC America a company using Israeli technology to construct a highly efficient, very clean wastewater treatment system. EPC America has also committed to creating a manufacturing and distribution center for water, wastewater and other innovative products in Tazewell County. The company was introduced to Tazewell County by the Governor's Virginia Israeli Advisory Board (VIAB).

In Tel Aviv, Israel last week Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe announced the beginning of operation of the new clean-tech wastewater treatment facility in Tazewell County. Speaking during a trade and marketing mission to Israel, the Governor spoke about how Israel-based parent company of E.P.C.'s BioDisk technology installed at Cavitt's Creek Park in Tazewell County, will enhance the County and State's economic future, by providing an example for rural development through improved wastewater treatment technology to prevent water way contamination.

Governor McAuliffe stated, "Onsite wastewater treatment is an important cornerstone for catalyzing tourism growth for the state and the county. With this system in place, the park is on its way to becoming a state park thereby bringing in more tourists and adding another positive factor to the area's economic growth. The system offers a superb energy efficient green technology which uses 90 percent less energy than traditional systems and does not produce unpleasant odors. It is a win-win situation."

According to CEO Of EPC Israel Jeremy Weissman, “In Israel we have mastered how to treat and to reuse wastewater efficiently as dictated by our circumstances. We are excited for the opportunity to introduce this latest generation Israeli technology into the American market via the State of Virginia. Our technology is being introduced at a time when protection of watersheds such as the Chesapeake Bay and Clinch River in Virginia and other areas nationwide are at a critical juncture.  EPC's technology offers water resource challenged areas, such as a California, a much needed solution for reuse and recycling of wastewater for agriculture or other uses."

Charles Botwick, President of EPC America LLC and Project Manager for the Tazewell Initiative commented, “We foresee significant growth for our Tazewell based company as we market these solutions nationally. Our efforts will create further impetus for other companies to create a manufacturing and distribution center for water, wastewater and other innovative products in Tazewell. In fact already we have created a team of Virginia based companies critical to the completion of the Cavitt’s Creek Project. Together we will provide turnkey projects in Tazewell, regionally and nationally and we envision becoming an exporter from Virginia to the world.”

VIAB, recognizing not only the value of clean-tech and green projects but also the use of innovative technologies to drive economic growth, created a partnership in Tazewell County to enhance the region's visibility.

A delegation of Tazewell County representatives travelled to Israel to view the technology and meet with representatives of EPC's parent company in January 2015. According to Ralph Robbins, Executive Director of VIAB, the EPC deal is a game changer for rural Virginia and rural America. "It furthers economic development in an area where alternative wastewater solutions are not cost effective nor as elegant as this solution with its low energy, low maintenance, low footprint, low noise, and low cost. And on top of it all, the company has committed to expanding assembly and manufacturing in Tazewell County."

EPC America entered a performance agreement with Tazewell County's Industrial Development Authority whereby the company agreed to manufacture and assemble the facilities in Tazewell County in exchange for a $25,000.00 grant. The company contributed the grant proceeds toward purchase of a rental cabin at Cavitt's Creek Park.

With a significant improvement in wastewater treatment, the park can add more cabins for visitors thereby creating additional revenue streams for the County. With these in place, Tazewell County officials can enable the Park to meet State Park standards. Thus EPC's facility will bring the park closer to attaining State Park designation with the accompanying tourism revenue and publicity. At the same time the Park will become a demonstration site for private developers, public waste water utility operators, and others to see how this technology can change development in rural America.