Economic Development - A Unified Direction

- Everyone's Job -

As always, our Economic Development team which includes the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors, the Tazewell County Industrial Development Authority and our staff have been very busy.  Several business attraction projects are underway in an effort to bring high tech companies to our county.  Through every available marketing avenue, we are continuing to locate companies who would consider Tazewell County for their home.  We feel Tazewell County offers ideal options and competitive advantages for a new business to locate here and be successful.  We are exercising all of the incentives available to attract a new business and support our existing industries to grow.  One of our key advantages is a skilled and trainable workforce and educational partners not to mention the quality of life we have here in Tazewell County.

In 2002 Regional Economic Development Study showed that 70-80% of new jobs that come to Tazewell County will be from expansion of existing businesses.  That is still true today and we believe that our existing businesses provide us with the most opportunity to create new jobs.  We have many that want and need to diversify and grow their business and we want to partner with them to accomplish their goals.  We have confidence in our manufacturing sector in Tazewell County and believe they are poised to take advantage of new opportunities.  With a strong manufacturing base and new jobs created, other indirect growth will occur. 

On behalf of the County staff I would like to thank the Board of Supervisors, the Industrial Development Authority, the Town Councils of Bluefield, Cedar Bluff, Pocahontas, Richlands and Tazewell, and the other Boards, Commissions, Authorities and Chambers for their continued support and leadership.  We are proud of the team in place in Tazewell County.  Our common goal should be to create economic opportunities for our children and future generations.  By working together we can accomplish that goal.

Best Regards,

Eric Young
Tazewell County Administrator