Sports & Recreation

Something For All Ages

Little League Baseball is alive and well in Tazewell County with fields in Bluefield, Richlands (where the 2015 International Little League Tournament was held), and Tazewell. Youngsters can participate in youth programs in basketball, football and soccer all across the county, but those teams are sponsored by the towns and local citizens and are highly popular.

Organized sports begin in middle schools and include basketball, football, soccer, and track & field; baseball, golf, soft ball, tennis, and wrestling are added in high school and swimming is offered at Tazewell High School only where Graham High School also has a swim team. There are public swimming pools in Bluefield (Harmony Acres), Richlands (Recreation Park) and Tazewell (Lincolnshire); public tennis courts in Richlands and Tazewell while Bluefield has access to city courts in Bluefield WV. Graham High School's golf team use the private Fincastle Country Club course for their at-home matches while both Richlands and Tazewell High Schools use the private Tazewell Country Club for theirs.

All the schools in the Bluefield area have access to tennis courts as well as baseball and softball fields at Graham Recreation Park and use the East River Soccer Complex just across the WV line for their soccer matches. The Soccer Complex is also one of the playing sites for the Southern West Virginia Kings Warriors Soccer Club, which is a Christian sports ministry of The Nehemiah Group, Inc., a nonprofit organization sponsoring youth soccer activities. Both Richlands and Tazewell have excellent football stadiums; the schools in Bluefield VA play their home football games at Mitchell Stadium (pictured in the Bluefield College section of this article) on the West Virginia side. Two new gyms have recently been constructed near Graham High School where the younger participants in recreational basketball play their games.  Lincolnshire Park in Tazewell  has the same amenities, but also has soccer fields; Richlands Recreation Park offers lighted indoor-outdoor tennis courts and indoor basketball courts.  

The sports programs in Tazewell County Schools have a great reputation for conduct and sportsmanship as well as superior quality athletes, both male and female, in all sports. Banners adorn the walls of the middle and high school gyms listing county, regional, and state championships in nearly every sport offered. Statistics prove that when youngsters are involved in county or city sponsored sports at the pre-school and elementary school level, the middle and high schools have a  much more productive sports schedule and many more participants. Worthy of noting is the fact that at least eight athletes from Tazewell County schools have become Major League players.

The Four Seasons YMCA in Tazewell and the branch at Southwest Virginia Community College in the Richlands area are excellent public facilities for all indoor sports/activities for both youth and adults. The Greater Bluefield Community Center in Bluefield WV offers the same type of facilities to  residents in Bluefield VA.

Both Bluefield College in Bluefield VA and Bluefield State College in Bluefield WV have strong athletic programs for male and female students in baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis and softball; the swimming pool at Bluefield State is also open to the public for certain programs. Bluefield College has recently resurrected their football program and play their home games at Mitchell Stadium in Bluefield, WV.   

The Bluefield Blue Jays, a minor league baseball team of the Rookie Appalachian League representing both Bluefield VA and Bluefield WV and associated with the Toronto Blue Jays, play their home games in a recently renovated, up-to-date baseball park (Bowen Field) which is actually situated in Tazewell County but is managed by the city of Bluefield WV. 

Avid sports enthusiasts in Tazewell County enjoy the fact that VPI with its nationally known sports programs is only approximately one and one half hours away.